Why choose Perform Boxing Studio

Our instructors are boxing, and fitness certified, they have also competed at the professional level in boxing and other combat sporting events. Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in pre-teen, high school, collegiate and professional strength and conditioning program for boxing. Our training programme can be implemented for individual and group settings.

Health and Happiness

It’s not about the money you will spend for membership. It’s about your willingness for your continuous improvement. It’s about your focus to reach your goal and strive for the result. It’s about your own health and happiness.

Why Boxing

Boxing involves overall fitness. In addition to boosting your strength and cardio, boxing improves a number of skills - related parameters of fitness including balance, coordination, reactivity, speed, power and agility. It is not just an upper body workout since it fires up everything from your back, shoulders, core, hips, and quads down to your calves, heels and toes sculpting every muscle.

Boxing is incredibly ideal for those who are aiming for weight loss as it burns major calories fast. Boxing does not only provide drastic improvement to overall health and wellness but a great stress reliever as well.

Our history

Perform Boxing Studio (PBS) is a fitness facility established in 2017 located at downtown, Abu Dhabi. It focuses on boxing group classes; personal boxing trainings; strength & conditioning; agility trainings; circuit group classes and weight loss programs. While our members are focusing on their individual fitness goals, we in PBS assist them to push harder to develop and improve not only their physical and mental well being but also their sports performance and confidence.
  • Boxing Training
  • Group Classes
  • Kids Classes
  • 1 on 1 Session
  • Personal Trainer
  • Endurance Workouts
  • Circuit Trainings
Boxing will help you build confidence within yourself by pushing your limits you thought you never had. With the help of Perform Boxing Studio, the team will give a hand in reaching your goal to become stronger and healthier.
Coach Lucian Mocanasu
Founder and Owner
Founder and Owner Coach Lucian